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Boating is an essential component of living on Kushog Lake; however, there are limited docking and parking facilities for water-access boats.

Over the years, the most popular water-sports have shifted from waterskiing and surfboarding) to tubing and wake-boarding.

Sailing is not a popular water sport on Kushog Lake due to the shape of the lake that produces inconsistent wind patterns.

At this time there are no navigation aids on Kushog Lake except bottle markers put out by individuals to mark underwater hazards (usually rocks).

Safe Quiet Lakes is a community based organization with the mission of making the lakes safer and quieter to ensure the sustainable enjoyment of Muskoka's treasured assets and environment.

In 2016, Safe Quiet Lakes launched a Quiet Campaign. With The OPPs support they have made a video explaining the noise and muffler issue. In it the OPP explain the regulations on mufflers and highlight the noise nuisance factor.

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The Safe Quiet Lakes - Quiet Lakes Campaign 2016